Majestic Landscape, Seascape and Wildlife Photographs
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Your photographs are inspirational, they are full of color.

Your photographs are inspirational, they are full of color.

Kylie, A. —St. Joseph's College, Patchogue NY
You give us a different perspective on God's Creation...

You give us a different perspective on God's Creation...

Marie M. —St. Joseph's College, Brooklyn, NY
Travel with me around, through and over North America's most breathtaking venues. Enjoy the inspiring diversity of nature. Then order your favorite enlargements! Each image will be signed by the photographer, Patricia Manning, csj.

Welcome to our beautiful and majestic natural world of sea and sky, mountains and desert, wildlife and wonder...the world of Nature Photography!  Prices have been reduced on photographs printed on canvas and watercolor paper. New photos have just been added. Find your favorite and order!

Marco Island
We offer the best photos of nature. If you are looking for a photo of the sea, wildlife photos or quality landscape photos, you will find we have what you need. Browse through this wide selection of photographs which is found in six separate categories as listed in the left hand column and previewed in the images below. These pictures include landscapes, seascapes and wildlife.
To see the images in each of the six categories, click on its preview photo and browse through that series of photographs.

Selected from over 15,000 images of landscapes, seascapes and nature photographs taken since 2005 these nature photographs have been exhibited in the New York Metropolitan area and have been purchased by hundreds who enjoy these breathtaking nature images. Try purchasing one of these photographs printed on canvas. The results are extraordinary!

Let me share with you two of the many comments gleaned from the gallery exhibits. See other comments on every category page.

“Each photograph displays something new and different from the last. The vibrant colors make you feel as though you are standing in these scenes rather than looking at them.”

“To the extent in which art relocates us, I thank you.”

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