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It is often said that travel is a great educational experience. For nature lovers, and especially for photographers, travel provides an added dimension. It is a wonderful opportunity to get into the heart of America ... into its hidden beauty ... into its soul. Get off the major highways — travel the back roads — hike the trails — find the rapids and falls not seen from the road.

In this section, I invite you to share with me the excitement of discovery as I traveled throughout North America and tried to capture its awesome beauty in landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. Day after day, I sought the unknown, marveled at the color, sound and aroma. It was almost too much to absorb. Come, share my adventures — a balloon ride over Sedona at dawn ... a trek through Assateague National Park, MD, seeking elusive miniature ponies ... hiking the Grand Canyon till sunset ... following trails of bison and elk in Yellowstone ... experiencing the mysteries of the Arizona desert, the hoo-doos of Bryce Canyon, and the rocky shores of Maine and Nova Scotia. From Florida to California and Hawaii — from New Orleans to Montana and the Canadian Rockies, each day opened a new world of wonder.

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Through Nature Photography, Travel This Beautiful Land — It Will Be the Start of a Never-ending Love Affair!

Foxes in New Hampshire

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